Got a game idea? Bring it to the Idea Mill


The Idea Mill was designed to make games design and development accessible to anyone with a great idea. No matter how little your technical or creative knowledge, we’ll teach you the fundamentals of building a game, start to finish. Many use it as a way to learn more about a specific game roles (such as level design, 3D animation etc) as it’s a great stepping stone into the industry. At Create, we’ll be there to support you every step of the way and help fill in the missing pieces to build your very own game development studio!

Designing with us

After a few short conversations we’ll get to work, working with you to get the best from your game idea and turn into something that will wow publishers, investors and gamers alike. Our unique design process spans over a few months, during which, you’ll come to visit or chat with us every two weeks or so to design and review your game idea. When your game idea has been fully realised you’ll meet with our Group Relations team who will discuss potential publishing and business opportunities for the game moving forward.

Planning Production

Development and design can be very expensive and may be difficult for some, but fear not! We will be supporting your idea through to completion even if the development isn’t with us. You’ll have access our Group Relations team, who will arrange consultation and support from our Code, Art and Design teams when and where necessary. For some, finding a publisher during this time is key for release of the game – so we’ll help you pitch and promote the game to increase your chance of success!

Providing support

Launch day can be scary and daunting for many first time round. We’ll chaperone you to the right press interviews and meetings, keep an eye on sales and marketing activity, and teach you the tricks of the trade to help maintain your game in the future. If you or your team are thinking of working on a new game be sure to get in touch!