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A psychological deep-sea thriller, set 11 miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. Play as Cerys Harley as she delves into the depths, investigating a series of mysterious disturbances to the sea life. A creative collaboration between Dean Edwards and BeefJack Create.

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A unique crazy golf game set in ancient times. Compete with tribes all over the world to conquer the chieftain’s challenge. Each tribe has a unique set of abilities – from Mayans to Samurais – offering up great fun and a challenge for all ages. A creative collaboration between James Wheeler and BeefJack Create.

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A action-platformer available on web, featuring Franklin, the CEO of a mega corp. Franklin is relaxing in his Hot Tub at the top of the office, when aliens attack! Help Franklin make his way through the office avoiding the alien laser beams and projectiles. Kick and punch employees out of the way to save yourself, and try to make it to the subway unharmed.

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A physics based puzzle game for web, iOS and Android – released worldwide and published by Yahoo games. Set in the 1950s, the game sees you play the role of Percy the vermin exterminator, clearing this huge mansion of rats room by room!

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