It's time to exterminate some vermin!



Verminator is a physics-based puzzle game for Web, iOS and Android. Set in the 1950s, the game sees you play the role of Percy, a rat exterminator clearing a huge mansion of vermin, room-by-room!

We worked to establish an identifiable art style, which was heavily inspired by 1950s Hanna Barbera cartoons to give the game a unique vibe which proved popular with players. The gameplay tasks players with using their brains to place different kinds of cheeses, setting intricate physics-based traps to send the rats crashing to their demise.

In order to give the game the best chance of success, we sourced publishing through Yahoo Games and Verminator was ultimately played more than 3 million times on the web.

Following its initial success we worked to port the game to iOS and Android where it has proven equally popular with players, earning a 4-star average player rating.