Because what's not to love about being chased by
aliens when you're having a bath?



Hot Tub Heist is an action-platformer available on the web, featuring Franklin, the CEO of a mega corp. Franklin is relaxing in his Hot Tub at the top of the office, when aliens attack! Help Franklin make his way through the office avoiding the alien laser beams and projectiles. Kick and punch employees out of the way to save yourself, try to make it to the subway unharmed.

BeefJack devised and developed the concept of Hot Tub Heist to appeal to a core web gaming market. Its intricate pixel art style was designed to attract classic core gamers who love a challenge, and an irreverant sense of humour was instilled in the game to give it good viral potential around the web.

ActionScript 3 was chosen as the technology platform to provide an optimal web game experience.

The ensuing game was played more than a million times and won two awards including a Mochi Media award and FileDir’s ‘Reviewer’s Choice’ award for 2012.